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Vrgorac walking tour

Explore Vrgorac’s city centre in local heritage tour, with highlight on Gradina fortress, birth house of Tin Ujević and beautiful Austrian park in the centre of the city.

Kravica waterfall tour

Discover breathtaking Kravica waterfall, the pearl on Trebižat river, with the stop on Koćuša waterfall, smaller but stunning relaxing place.

Biokovo Skywalk tour

Skywalk Biokovo at an elevation of 1228 metres is offering a stunning view over the sea and islands from viewpoint plateau. On sunny, windy days, it is possible to see all the way to Italy.

Wine tasting tour

With over 11 million wine vines Jezero field is the largest vineyard in Croatia with several native sorts of grape. You will have the opportunity to taste them all.

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